Our Story

It all started when Jason was five years old, when his uncle took him to check coyote traps. That morning, they caught an enormous male coyote that had been killing some of his family’s animals. This experience led young Jason to continue pursuing the skill of outsmarting and trapping certain types of wildlife over the years.

At the age of sixteen, Jason placed 3rd in the annual state trapping competition that the Georgia Trappers Association promoted. At such a young age, this accomplishment put him on the map in the nuisance wildlife world, and job opportunities started to present themselves regularly.  

At this point, Jason became licensed through the Department of Natural Resources as a Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator and officially started Jason’s Wildlife Removal LLC. At first, the focus was on predator removal jobs, where he specialized in the removal of coyotes. As the years went on, he transitioned more and more into residential wildlife removal because the demand was so great.  

While continuing to run the wildlife business with his close friend Austin Eure, Jason attended Point University from 2010-2014, where he maintained a perfect GPA and achieved a bachelor’s degree in Biology. He then attended the Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University from 2014-2018, where he graduated top of his clinical class and obtained a doctorate in dental medicine (DMD). Though the time in school was a definite distraction from it, Jason never lost his love for wildlife or the wildlife control business.     

Jason, his wife Sydney, and their one-year-old daughter Reagan moved back home to the Fayette county area after graduation from dental school. As fate would have it, Jason moved into a home next door to a guy named Toby Houston. Toby, his wife Dawn, and two daughters, Taylor and Kenzie, had been living there since 2012. Over the years, Jason and Toby became very good friends with many common interests. They both are avid outdoorsmen who love fishing, hunting, archery, and pretty much anything you can do outside. Jason and Toby fully outfitted an archery shop and took their love of the bow and arrow to a scientific and extremely exacting level.   

As they had done with their hobbies and professions, Jason and Toby decided to go into business together and take wildlife control to the next level. What they have built is a wildlife business that specifically focuses on treating people right! They have made it their priority to always do the right thing and let the chips fall where they may. Just doing the right thing in each moment has proven time and time again to make decisions simple and be a winning strategy for everyone involved on both ends of the deal. Jason’s Wildlife Removal strives, first and foremost, to treat others how they would want to be treated. They continue to produce honest, quality work as their number of happy customers continues to grow.